Professional Bird Removal

Owning a home is a wonderful thing. You have a place to call your own, where you enjoy life when not working or out and about.  You rest and recover from the stresses and adventures of the world in your home, surrounded by those you love.  Unfortunately, sometimes your home gets invaded by those you do not love and want around. While getting rid of mice or insects can be a quick, easy affair, getting a bird out of your home is quite a different story. If you are looking for professional bird removal, keep reading for particular facets to look for you in your ideal service provider:

1) An approval rating above 95 percent: Any professional bird remover that has been in business for a while has online feedback and ratings from previous clients and customers. If they don’t have any, they’re new, and you might not want to risk trusting them. Of those that do, look for someone with a rating higher than 95 percent. It’s impossible to please everyone exactly if you do a lot of work, so someone who looks close to perfect is probably going to work out for you.
2) Prompt service time: When you have a bird in your home, you need to get it out of there as soon as you can. That’s not only for the safety of your home and family, but it’s also for your own sanity, and it possibly ensures the health and safety of the bird in question.

3) Flexibility in what kind of bird removal is necessary: Some birds fly in through a door or window and are flapping around the home wildly. Others are just stuck in a chimney or a vent. Your bird removal professional should be able to handle each of these cases.

4) Ability to take multiple forms of payment: Payment will likely be handled there at your home or business, so they should be able to take cash, check, or credit card.

5) Someone who is properly certified, licensed, and insured: Do what background checks you can on anyone getting sent to your home. Make sure they have the required documentation, status, training, and insurance coverage for you to feel safe having them on your property or in your home.

6) The power to capture without killing: You might personally believe in not harming animals and want a bird captured and released alive. It’s also possible you just don’t want your kids to see or know that an innocent bird perished in your home just because it was inconvenient. That conflicts with you teaching them life is precious and should be respected.

7) Respect for your home and property: A bird removal professional needs to be able to free your home of a bird without hurting or destroying any of your property or possessions.

When you find any bird removal professional that meets all 7 of these criteria, then you have probably found the right business to save your home from its winged intruder.